5 Best Free Video Background Remover Software

5 Best Free Video Background Remover Software

People often need to remove a background from a video and replace it with a good photo or another video. Technically, there are 2 ways to do it. The first and most popular "background remover" is the Chroma Key. This is a tool that automatically detects a solid color background and removes it from the video immediately. The other way is masking, and it is often applied when the background you want to remove is not a one-tone smooth solid green wall.

Masking involves a lot of manual editing, and therefore, requires more skills and PC resources. On the other hand, Chroma Key is very user friendly and efficient. Therefore, we definitely recommend using it whenever you need to change your video background.
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Green Screen Technology

Chroma Keying or popularly known as Green Screen technology is commonly used in video production. Be it your favorite superhero to fly in space, or a news channel showing a huge weather forecast map behind the presenter on live TV. This is achieved with the help of Chroma Key using green screen software.
If you are in video production, you already know how useful green screen is. Regardless of size, almost every production house uses a green color screen to record video as it gives flexibility to edit and add visual effects to the video production stage while keeping costs down.

How Green Screen Works?

Take a look at the image above. A person is standing in front of a green color screen. In the first step, the production house shot the video using a green color screen as shown in the image. The next step involved a process called Keying.
Keying is the process of separating a color from a still or several frames (video) and replacing it with a new image (usually background). To achieve this, you need a video editing tool or green screen software.
Note that Chroma keying does not include a green color screen, but rather a green color, mostly blue.

Best Free Video Background Remover Software

Here are the top 5 free green screen software lists that you should know about.
Nowadays various professional video editing tools are available in the market, providing amazing effects and capabilities like green color screen. But these video editing tools can be very expensive and not very user friendly, and they require very in-depth learning. For example, Adobe Premiere has the Chroma keying feature, but you have to pay $ 19.99 / month.

If you want to edit some home movies, then those programs will not be very useful for you. In this case, I have selected 5 free and simple video editing software here, which have advanced editing features including Chroma keying or Green Screen.

1) DaVinci Resolve

It is a powerful editor for making green screen videos. You can create a chroma key video with the advanced option, which will make the best overall. In addition, you can add keyframes to the timeline. If you want to touch-up your video then various transitions and effects are for your use. You can also add metadata to mark your frame.
To remove the video background, this software provides two different video background removal techniques namely rotoscoping and Chroma Key. Rotoscoping techniques can remove complex video backgrounds. On the other hand, the Chroma Key method only removes the video background consisting of a single color.
How to remove video background through Chromakey TechnicLaunch this software and use the File menu to import videos into this software.
After that, go to the Edit section and drop the loaded video from the Media section on the Timeline Editor.
Next, go to the Color section and select the Qualifier tool to pick the background color.
Now, click on the Invert tool to maintain the foreground and remove the background.
Then, go to the Node graph area and right click on it to add an Alpha output. And, connect the HSL Qualifier output on the node graph with the alpha output.
Finally, go to the Deliver section and press the Render button to save the video in a supported output format.

2) Wax

Debugmode Wax is a simple video editor for both commercial and personal use. It provides all kinds of special effects that enable users to produce dynamic parts of the video. These effects include Chroma Key and 3d effect. Another great feature is that Wax can either be used as a standalone green screen software or as a plugin to help its main video editor software implement the effect.
Note: Wax can only work on Windows operating systems (Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista).
Download: Wax


2D and 3D plugins to create a green screen effect
Supports popular video formats.
Graphics acceleration is powerful.


You can create shapes and masks in a keyframmable way
Enables you to import 3D models
Supports 3D text to highlight your video.


Its interface is out of date

3) VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC Free Video Editor is a capable green screen software with lots of functionality like drawing and selection tools, lots of color and light effects, some useful filters, transitions, audio effects and more. It is one of the very few freeware video editor programs that has green screen editing capability. Also, you can only use it to compose green screen video in a Windows computer.
How to remove background from video using VSDC
Once you download and install VSDC Video Editor for your PC, launch the program and import the video with a solid color background.
Once the video is placed on the timeline, you will need to implement the Chroma Key effect for this. Go to Video effects in the top menu, choose Transparent and go to Background remover.
Note that you will not immediately see a green color from the scene, but you will see a new layer on the timeline, called Background Remover1. Right-click on it to open the Properties window (if it does not open automatically).
Download: VSDC Free Video Editor
In the Background removal setting, you will see Chromakey color. Use the eyedropper tool to get the color directly from the scene. To do this, simply click on the eyedropper icon and then click anywhere on the video background - the software will automatically detect the color that needs to be removed.


It is a professional green screen editor
This program is too small in size


You can make green screen video by importing material
Create shape masks to create PIP videos


Advanced functions can make users feel confused 

4) HitFilm EXPRESS

HitFilm Express is one of the best free green screen software for Windows 10. It works with free utility features and with some trade-offs, HitFilm Express is said to be the best free Adobe Premiere Pro option. It also comes in the Pro version, but we will only know about the free version of this popular video editor.
HitFilm Express provides a clean user interface with a good selection of devices. The Playback option in the tool can help users in fast editing. The video can be edited even when the export is in progress.
For those wondering, HitFilm Express provides Chroma Keying functionality to remove green screen and blue screen from video and images.
Download: HitFilm Express
To remove a green screen, import a green screen video clip. Right-click on the video and create a new composite shot.
Search the green screen / blue screen in the search box of the effects library. Or go directly to Visual Effect> Keying> Color Different key.
Find the Color Key difference effect from the result and drag the effect to your video clip. Next, you need to adjust the gamma slider to remove the key part of the green screen.
Once it turns black, leave the Spill Removal and Matter Cleaner effect on the video to clean up the mess, I mean Green.
Finish the video by adding a new video clip or image to the background of the edited clip instead of the green screen.

5) OpenShot

OpenShot is a free open source video background remover software for Windows, Linux and Mac. Using this software, you can easily remove video background from any video consisting of a single color. However, this software will not be able to remove backgrounds from videos with different colors and textures. To remove the video background, this freeware provides the Chromakey effect.

How to extract a video background using OpenShot?

Launch this software and click on the Import Files button to load a video from which you want to remove the background. Loaded videos can be accessed from the Project Files section.
After that, drag the video from the Project Files section and drop it on the timeline.
Now, go to the Effects section and select Chroma Key effect and leave it on the input video.
Immediately after dropping the chroma key effect on the loaded video, you can see a small green icon with the letter "c" on the input video timeline.
To access its properties, you have to right-click on the "c" icon. The Properties panel will open on the left side of the interface.
In the Chroma key properties panel, you get an important color option in which you need to specify the color of the input video background to quickly remove the video background.
Next, you can easily add some other background by dropping an image or video on a track below the main video track.
Finally, go to the Export Video section and specify the output video properties.
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