Airtel WiFi Calling

Talking outside the windows will now be all over, get great indoor coverage with Airtel WiFi calling

Does this happen to you often? So do not panic because Airtel has launched its solution.
Airtel is the first telecom company in the country to have launched WiFi calling, so now call drop is a thing of the past. This service has been released all over India (except Jammu and Kashmir) and is also available on all popular smartphones. Click here to see if this service is available on your smartphone.
In the first four weeks of the launch of Airtel WiFi calling, 1 million subscribers used it and by the end of the year the figure is estimated to reach 10 million. The service is available in 17 different brands with all broadband connections on 100+ devices. And you are getting it at no extra charge!

But what is Airtel WiFi calling and how does it work?

Simply put, with Airtel Wi-Fi calling, your call is placed on a WiFi network instead of a cellular network, this gives you better coverage inside the home or office. Many times due to the constraints of walls, buildings etc., you often lose the network on your phone or people living in congested areas may have network problems. But with Airtel WiFi calling, you can enjoy HD calling from wherever you are connected to a good WiFi network. So you understand that this is a service of Airtel, which will free you from swinging out of windows, taking calls or talking outside your house.

How to activate Airtel WiFi calling on your phone?

To enjoy the benefits of WiFi calling, you need an Airtel mobile connection - prepaid or postpaid and one of the smartphones listed above. Just after that,1. Upgrade to the latest OS software
2. Turn on the VoLTE switch
3. Turn on WiFi calling switch
And you are ready to experience the best call quality.