Basil Grilled Chicken For My Girl, Paula

I recently joined the group My Girl, Paula! This is a great group of gals who are cooking with Paula Deen recipes each week. There is a new recipe each week and let me tell you.....they all sound wonderful. This week, the recipe was Basil Grilled Chicken. I knew instantly that I would like this chicken recipe and set out to find some basil. I can speak from experience when I tell you that basil and other fresh herbs are hit and miss in my small town. However, I ran to the grocery early in the morning and was thankful to find some.

The recipe is for 4 chicken breasts, or one pound of chicken. You simply make a mix of minced basil and melted BUTTER. We all know Paula loves her butter!! You brush the melted butter and minced basil on the chicken and begin to grill. While the chicken is grilling you baste it with another mixture. Are you ready for it???? Yes, the second mixture for basting has yet MORE BUTTER!! However, it also has more basil, garlic, and Parmesan cheese. I don't think I used the same amount of butter, but the dish was so flavorful!! The chicken was moist, flavorful, and had an intoxicating smell. It reminded me of an grilled Italian chicken that I would pay big money for while dining out!! In fact, my husband even liked it and he dislikes basil!! Way to go Paula!! This dish is rated 5 stars on the food network and I have to agree. It is definitely a keeper dish that I will be repeating soon. I am already craving it!! You can find the recipe here.

Thank you everyone with My Girl, Paula for letting me be a part of the group. I really loved this first recipe!!

Please head over to the My Girl, Paula site to check out what everyone else thought of this dish. Next week we will be making Paula's Hummingbird Cake- Yum!