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Biography of OSHO

Biography of OSHOBiography of OSHO
Lord Shri Rajneesh, also commonly known as Osho Acharya Rajneesh and Rajneesh, was an Indian tantric and leader of the Rajneesh Abhiyan. During his lifetime he was considered a controversial mystic, guru and spiritual teacher. In 1960, he traveled all over India as a public speaker and was an outspoken critic of Mahatma Gandhi and the Hindu religion of orthodoxy. He also used to express his views on human sexuality in public places, which is why he was often called "Sex Guru", his image was very famous in India, but later on in the international press people adopted this nature and Respected him.
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Early life of OSHO:

Once at the time of Osho's birth, his parents had told his astrologer that if this child had lived more than seven years, then he would make his birth chart because according to him Osho could not live more than a year together and if he survives So every year they have to face death. Therefore his parents always used to worry about him. For this reason, when he was 14 years old, he went to a temple and waited for death. Waited for seven days after eating a meal, but his hair was not deterred.
In 1953, at the age of 21, Osho attained enlightenment under the Maulsree tree. He received his bachelor's and master's degrees in philosophy from Sagar University. After that he started teaching philosophy at Rampur Sanskrit College and Jabalpur University. During this time, he visited the whole country and gave a speech on Gandhi and Socialism. His first meditation camp was organized in 1962. After two years, he quit his job and went on the path of meditation. Osho preached on many religions such as Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Sufi, Jain and he often preached about the secrets of many great men like Jesus, Meera Nanak, Kabir, Gautama Buddha, Dadu, Rabindranath Tagore.
In 1970, Rajneesh spent most of his time in Bombay with his early followers, who were known as "neo-sannyasis". In this time he mostly gave spiritual knowledge and people from all over the world called him by mystics, philosophers, religious gurus and many more. In 1974, Rajneesh was established in Pune, where he established his foundation and ashram to provide "transformational tools" to both Indian and foreign followers there. The dispute between Morari Desai's Janata Party and his campaign in the late 1970s hindered the development of the ashram. In 1981, he began to focus more on his work and activities in the US and Rajneesh again in Rajneeshpuram, Vasco County, Oregon. Started doing

Spiritual Life of OSHO:

He became a lecturer of Philosophy at Jabalpur University in 1958 and was later promoted to the post of Professor in 1960. Along with being his teacher, he used to give his spiritual speech in the states of India as "Acharya Rajneesh". He opposed socialism and felt that India could prosper only through capitalism, science, technology and birth control. He raised a wide range of issues in his speeches such as he criticized the orthodox Indian religion and rituals and said that Osho Quote on Sex is the first step towards achieving spiritual development.
He was criticized for this speech but due to this he attracted more people to his views. After that, Aamir started coming to him to consider spiritual development and he also made a lot of donations and also his work increased. In 1962, he started a 3-10 day meditation camp and soon meditation became known in his teachings.
If we think with an open mind, those spiritual leaders were completely different. By the 1960s, he had become a prominent spiritual teacher and in 1966, he decided to quit his teaching job and devote himself completely to spirituality. In 1970 he was dubbed the "sex guru" by the Indian press under Hindu leaders Nenkand.
Osho's sermons were recorded for the first time at the Ranakpur camp in June 1964 and were also printed in the book. Osho then wrote hundreds of books, gave thousands of sermons. His discourses are available in the form of books, audio cassettes and video cassettes. He influenced scientists, intellectuals, and litterateurs from all over the world with his revolutionary ideas. In 1969, Osho's followers formed a foundation named after him in Mumbai. Later he was shifted to Koregaon Park, Pune. The place is known as "Osho International Meditation Resort". Osho moved to "America" ​​in 1980 and Sanyasis established "Rajneeshpuram" there.
Osho hurt every hypocrisy. Describing the concept of renunciation, he called the world of India a unique gift, he lambasted the hypocrites who wore saffron clothes in the name of renunciation. Osho revived Samyak Sannyas. Osho has again given him Buddha's meditation, Krishna's flute, Meera's Ghungroo and Kabir's fun. Sannyas was never as rich as it is today with Osho's touch. Therefore it is neo-sannyas. According to him, a sannyasin is one who lives a life of meditation and satsang by living with his family, wife and children, fulfilling family, social responsibilities. He has a sannyas in his vision which has been prevalent in this country for thousands of years.
        Osho gave thousands of sermons. His discourses are available in the form of books, audio cassettes and video cassettes. With his revolutionary ideas, he made millions of followers and disciples. Being a highly skilled speaker, he has about 400 books of his discourses. His most talked about and controversial book from intercourse to samadhi. Many ashrams are running in his name. The American people had unwavering devotion towards them. From 1966 to 1977. Rajneesh's followers called him Acharya, but after 1970 he became Lord Rajneesh. He was criticized for adding the word God to the name. He said in his explanation - "The word God does not mean God, every person who has reached the stage of Urananda can be called God."

Idea of OSHO :

• If you want to see the truth, do not agree in opinion nor in disagreement.• Only those who are ready to be nothing can love.• Zen people love Buddha so much that he can also make fun of them. It is because of unfathomable love, there is no fear in them.• No competition from anyone is required. Whatever you are in yourself, you are perfect. Accept yourself• The question is not how much can be learned, but rather, the question is how much can be forgotten.• Friendship is pure love. It is the highest form of love where nothing is asked, there is no condition, where there is pleasure in giving.• Happiness is a shadow of goodwill, she pursues harmony. There is no other way to be happy.• Life is not a sad event, it is a comedy. To be alive means to have a sense of humor.• If you can become a mirror then you can also become a meditator. Meditation is the art of looking in the mirror.• Self-knowledge is an understanding that this is everything, this is absolutely right, this is it. Self-knowledge is to know whether to get something and not to go anywhere.• Zen is the only religion that suddenly teaches enlightenment. It says that enlightenment does not take time, it can happen in just a few moments.• You can love as many people as you want - it does not mean that you will one day go bankrupt, and say, "I don't have love anymore". As far as love is concerned you cannot go bankrupt

Death of OSHO:

Acharya Rajneesh got his ashrams built in Mumbai and Poona. He founded Rajni-Puram by moving to America in 1981 with his disciples, but the US government forced some of his disciples to leave him due to illegal activities. After that Acharya Rajneesh returned to India and then he taught his followers. On 19 January 1990, Ugacharya Rajneesh took the last tomb. His followers are deeply saddened by this news. Osho is gone, but by following the path of knowledge given by him, Ujj can also make human life successful.