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Biography of Tukaram

Biography of TukaramBiography of TukaramTukaram Maharaj was a poet and saint of 17th Century of Bhakti Abhiyan of Maharashtra. He was also a member of the totalitarian, individual Varkari religious community. Tukaram is known for his abhanga and devotion poetry and in his community, he has sung many spiritual songs about the devotion of God, which is called Kirtan in the local language. His poems were dedicated to Vithal and Vithoba.

Early life of Tukaram :

        Tukaram was born in the village of Dehu under Pune district, in the year 1520; It happened in 1598. There is a difference of opinion among the scholars regarding their birthdate, and considering all the points of view, it seems valid only to be born in 1520. Vithal's worship was coming to an equal extent in the total of his eighth man Vishwambhar Baba. All the people of his clan used to visit Pandharpur regularly. Due to being a Mahajan of Dehu village, he was considered to be famous there.

        His childhood mother came to be very courteous under the care of Kanakaai and father Baheba (Bolhoba), but when he was 18 years old, his parents lost his life and at this time due to the dire famine in the country, his first wife and younger child Due to hunger, died agonizing. These things of the calamities are false; Saint Tukaram was very big landlord and lenders in that time. These falsehoods are false; these writings are false; Tukaram's mind stirs up in the flames, he gets bored with power. His second wife, brother-in-law, Bija Bai was very much a shriek. They became detached from worldly pleasures. With this thought, Tukaram would go on a hill called Bhavnath near Dehu village and spend days in remembrance of Lord Vittal.

        His family was from Kunbi society. Tukaram's family had a business of selling his own retail and money on borrowed money, as well as his family farming and trading, his father was a devotee of Vithoba, Vithoba is considered to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu in Hindu religion. Sant Tukaram's first wife was Rakhamma Bai and he also got a son satisfied with him. While both his sons and both wives died from hunger in the famine of 1630-1932.

        His death and spread of poverty had the greatest effect on Tukaram, who later decided to concentrate on the Sahyadri mountain range of Maharashtra and before leaving he wrote, "They have to discuss themselves." After this Tukaram remarried and his second wife's name was Avalai Jija Bai. After this, he spent most of his time in worship, devotion, community kirtan and unbroken poetry.

        How can a common man become a saint, and be born in any caste or religion, can be developed on the strength of zealous devotion and virtuousness. This belief was meant to be created in the mind of a common man. Tukoba, inspired by his thoughts, his conduct and his speech, inspires the Tukaram masses, who should fulfill their lives, always have the same motivation. At one time in his life, he was disappointed when he lost in the first half of life.

         His trust in life was lost. In such a situation, he was in great need of some support, no proverbial support was there. So he gave all his weight to Padurang and started cultivation, while his mentor was none at that time. Namdev created the path of devotion by practicing the tradition of devotion. Even though Tukaram has said to give up attachment to worldliness, but never said this, do not do worldliness. To be honest, no saint ever talked about giving up worldliness. On the contrary, the saint Namdev, Eknath played the worldly in a systematic manner.

        This is a story of the life of Saint Tukaram. When he lived in Maharashtra, at the same time, Shivaji Maharaj sent him valuable items in gifts, which included diamonds, pearls, gold and many clothes. But Sant Tukaram sent back all the valuable things and said, "O my lord! For me this is all in vain for me there is no difference between gold and soil, since this divine has given me my visas, I have become the master of all three worlds. I give all this useless stuff back. ”When this message reached Maharaj Shivaji, then Maharaj Shivaji's mind was distraught to meet such a saint and he departed to meet at that moment.

Tukaram was becoming dissatisfied with worldly pleasures. His second wife, Jijabai, was the daughter of the wealthy family and had a very clumsy nature. Tukaram was very sad after the death of his first wife and son. Now there was a terrible phase of deprivation and trouble. Tukaram's mind used to sing the hymns of Vitthal, due to which his second wife used to taunt day and night. Tukaram used to enjoy so much attention that once someone's goods were going to be loaded into bullock carts. Upon reaching, we noticed that the loaded carcasses have disappeared on the way. Similarly, while returning the money after returning the money, he heard the Karun Katha of a poor Brahmin and gave him all the money.

        One year after the death of father, Mother Kanekai died. Tukaram ji broke a mountain of sorrows. What did Mom not do for Ladley? After that, at the age of eighteen years, the wife (Bhavaj) of the elder brother Savaji passed away. Savaji was unnoticed in the household. From the death of his wife, he left the house and left for pilgrimage. Those who went, did not return. Four members of the family had to endure their spell. Where there was no shortage, there was a lack of one, the lack of one. Tukaram ji kept patience. They do not lose courage. Despite apathy, frustration, in the age of 20 years, they started trying to make their home-breakthrough success.

        But the time was not even approved. In the same year situations have adversely affected. There was a great famine in the Deccan. The devastating famine time was delayed in 1629 AD. The crop was swept away in the overflow. There was a ray of hope in people's mind. But there was no rainfall in 1630 AD. There was havoc all around. Grain prices started skyrocketing. In the absence of green grass, many animals die. The lack of food led to the death of hundreds of people. The rich family started licking the soil. The plight of the plight did not end yet. In 1631, natural objections crossed the extremes. Nothing was left of the rains and floods. Famine and the outbreak of nature suffered for three consecutive years.

Context of Tukaram:

        When Tukaram distributed everything to the poor, one day the house was torn. Wife said: "Why are you sitting there, there is sugarcane in the field, bring a bundle damn?" Today will be the day of tomorrow. "If a bundle of sugarcane from Tukaram farm leaves and goes home, then those who seek to go on the road fall behind. Tukaram gave one or two sugarcane to everybody, when he went home, there was only one sugarcane left, which saw the hungry wife be on fire.

        Snatching the cane from Tukaram, she started killing them, when the cane broke, her anger subsided. Tukaram calm down and said, "Sugarcane has two pieces. One will suck you, I will suck. "In front of the huge fire of anger, the eyes of the wife came to tears after seeing the infinite sea of ​​forgiveness and love. Tukaram asked her tears and peeled all the cane and fed them.

Hindi word of Tukaram:

• Play you Ramhi Seven / Sant Tukaram
• Three of us, Karov Salaam / Sant Tukaram
• Implementing the name of Lord Ram / Sant Tukaram
• Name to my Rama who has taken the leaves repeatedly / Sant Tukaram
Say Ram, you are living fruit / Saint Tukaram
• Kway Rowe Agale Mare / Sant Tukaram
• Who are you?
• Who goes to the ghats that go to the world / Sant Tukaram
• Where forgotten property is lost / Sant Tukaram
• Repeatedly unfortunate / saint Tukaram

Stories of Tukaram:

• Tuka Bastar Bichara Kya Kare Re / Sant Tukaram
• Greedy mind sitting / Sant Tukaram
• When you get the attention, you get all / Sant Tukaram
• Tell your friend / saint Tukaram
• Saint Panayam Lev stands / Sant Tukaram

Compositions of Tukaram:

I forgot the house Goras beghena aayat.1.
Kanha Reem Manmohan Lal See all the bison, Gopal. Dhru ..
Aahara Pag Daru see Aungra See this sub vohin ghera 629
Yes tired tired Bhaga re all bead deception 439
Haribin rahii jiira ji ji Kabki Thadi See Raha 419
Did my red hair fall down? Whether the motivation was plucked. Dhru ..
Some friend goes green The time darun is on it.
When can I see your lord? Do not get carried away.
Well, let's say Nicholas DiCoRo Laz Rakhilin Hamaro 419
Agaval Avo Devji Kanha I have to leave home. Dhru ..
He wished so well Khasam ego Dadula 629
Tuka Prabhu Parvali Hari. Hidden in Jagathi Nyari 439

Unbroken of Tukaram:

Tum bhajyay te bad jikir te kare
Sir kata rahe kuthe tahan sab dare.1
There is only one
There you are the only one, Baba, we do not have you.
Look at the look of the face, but Kishy has not forgotten.
Could not hold true, cried, cried 629
Who said that my daughter took seven years.
No fate has died.
Hey, how can you be a brother? Yes is yes.
At the same time, say, eat khan ala.
Bhelde mende See your benefit.
Say you are so narrow Hak alla a 659