Cauliflower Steaks With Warm Corn & Poblano Salsa ♥

Cauliflower Steaks with Warm Corn & Poblano Salsa, another vegetarian supper ♥ A Veggie Venturegraphic button small size size 10 Today's easy summer supper: Thick slices of cauliflower ("steaks" we call them) roasted until golden and topped with a warm salsa of summery vegetables, poblano and corn. Very Weight Watchers Friendly, just 2 Freestyle points. Not just vegan, Vegan Done Real (with a vegan dressing). Naturally Gluten Free. graphic button small size size 10
It took me – oh dear, this is embarrassing – seven years to embrace cauliflower steaks. There's photo evidence, way back in 2011. In 2018? It's Cauliflower Steaks over and over again. They're just so, well, thrifty! When I cut up a head of cauliflower for Roasted Cauliflower (A Veggie Venture's very first recipe back in 2005!), the florets shrink so much that the cauliflower doesn't seem to go far.

Cauliflower steaks are totally different! They seem meaty and substantial, even though after the steaks are cut, there's still lots of cauliflower left over for something else. You'll definitely be looking for ways to use up the rest of the head. (Hello, cauliflower recipes!)

Cauliflower makes no list of "Mexican" vegetables although as our international food distribution system goes, I suspect that much of the cauliflower found in the U.S. is grown in Mexico. But on Day Two of our month-long Deep Mexico cooking adventure, I had a head and a half of cauliflower to use up and no surprise, turned to steaks. This was a fun, easy summer supper, healthy too, perfect for Meatless Monday or another vegetarian supper.

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