Chocolate Cookie Roll

Chocolate-cookie roll is another one of my recipes that I found in my old handwritten recipe book. This is a quick cookie dessert which does not involve much prep work, look stunning and is more or less a kids-friendly recipe. 

28 oz Tea Biscuits Cookies
1 lb Butter
3 Eggs
2 cups Sugar
5 tablespoons Cocoa Powder 
Walnuts optional 

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    Beat eggs with sugar add cocoa powder mix.

Put cookies in a ziplock bag beat gently to small pieces. 
            Melt butter add mixed eggs. Keep stirring. Bring to a boil.  

                  Add cookies, stir. 

               Put on the foil and roll like a burrito. You can add nuts to it or roll in it. 

Put in the fridge to cool. In couple of hours take out,  slice and enjoy.