View of Cienfuegos from our ship
We opted not to tour our next stop, Cienfuegos, and instead walked into town from the ship. The heat was oppressive, so didn't stay long, but did get a flavor of one of Cuba's less populated cities. Besides the older central plaza, we walked down what looked to be a relatively modern outdoor mall, where locals could purchase everything from furniture and clothing to food. Quite a line of people waiting to buy what we assumed was government-issued rice, a Cuban staple.

Topside, arriving in Cienfuegos at dawn
Blocks-long row of vendors selling handmade souvenirs
Even small Cienfuegos has its own cathedral, now a museum
Horse-drawn wagons transport tourists, so no need to paint older cars
Tim enjoying shady central plaza
Non-functioning stop-light, reinforcing the "frozen-in-time" aura
Old car, lamp and bandstand in town's center
Colorful but decaying homes
Leaving Cienfuegos, we spied the Elefantes (Elephants)baseball stadium, where Dodgers hitter Yasiel Puig once played