Dunkin DVD Movie Review

Dunkin DVD Movie Review.....My Sassy Girl (2007)
Rated PG – 13 For language and some sexual content.

This movie starred Jason Buchanan as Charlie and Elisha Cuthbert as Jordan. Jordan is a young lady that is filled with anger and depression and needing a cure to fix her bad habit of habitual drinking to ease her pain. Charlie is a conservative Midwesterner with his future all mapped out until he is derailed by his unexpected meeting with Jordan. She finds herself extremely addicted to Charlie that she must be with him at all times no matter the consequences to his life. They take each other on a roller coaster ride of dreams, ambitions and what in her mind is the perfect way to see if they truly belong together.

We both liked this movie, however we did think it was a slow start and at times very predictable. My Sassy Girl did have a good message of hope, love and that all past pain will in time come to an end and become a fond memory. My Sassy Girl was both heart wrenching and heart warming, in it's own way a perfect love story. We give this movie 2 thumbs up, if you want a good laugh and a little bit of a good cry then gather your girls friends or cuddle up with the one you love and enjoy this movie together.

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