I realised blogging has been a bit slow for me this month despite finishing exams so early. As soon as i was done with exams, i've been working almost everyday and i've been cleaning out my wardrobe as well, which has been a massive process. I have many posts back drafted, just missing swatches so i need to get around to taking them on a day with good lighting, i promise! Meanwhile, i thought i would share with you some stuff i picked up lately c:

My Jeffrey Campbell family is slowly growing. I've had my eye on the spiked Litas for a really long time now. When i bought my first pair of Litas, i was choosing between the taupe ones or these ones and eventually i went for the taupe ones because i thought they would be more wearable, plus they were on sale at the time. My taupe Litas were featured in this OOTD. Although these heels look crazy high, they're surprisingly the most comfortable shoes i own for going out, i can wear them an entire night and not worry. All of my Jeffrey Campbells are super comfy :3 So when i received an email from Nasty Gal saying that the spiked Litas were down nearly $100, i couldn't resist. This warning came in the shoebox and should be taken very seriously. The shoes were definitely difficult to take off without hurting myself especially after a night out LOLI also bought this skirt with the palm print from Nasty Gal, i have a thing for palm print...remember this post? 
This month, i ordered from Romwe for the first time. The black dress and the shorts were Givenchy rips and since i'm a poor uni student, this will have to make do. The black dress is actually a really impressive dupe. The shorts were just a copy of the angry dog graphic. I find it hilarious that the shorts had a Givenchy tag as well. The light blue dress just looks so pretty for summer, i can't wait to wear it. The baroque trend has really grown on me.
A couple of weeks ago, it was Catch of the Day's 6th birthday and for the whole day they were giving away things for free. I do not have the time, energy or patience to take part in a clicking war but one of my best friends was on there the whole day and won a bunch of stuff. Since he had no use for the beauty products, he gave them to me :3 It felt like Christmas came early hehe.Last Wednesday, it was Chadstone's VIP Night. For those who don't know, Chadstone is the biggest shopping centre in the Southern Hemisphere and every quarter, they have a VIP night where all retailers take part in special promotions and the shopping centre stays open until midnight. I work in Chadstone so every VIP night is dangerous for my wallet so i try not to go unless i actually need something, just to control myself (especially since i shop online so much!)
I was running low on my moisturizer and i knew it wouldn't last me until my mum goes back to HK in January so i wanted to make a trip down to Kiehl's to check out the deals. I did not expect to walk away with this much stuff...surprisingly, i don't feel that guilty about it because they were good deals!
This was one of the gift packs that was available at David Jones. It had a jumbo tub (125ml) of my favorite moisturizer (reviewed here) along with a travel size one and a travel size cleanser + toner from the same range which i've been meaning to try. A 50ml tub of moisturizer retails for $34 so all this for $64 seemed like a good deal.

If you bought 2 lots of skincare products, there was also a bag of samples/travel sized items. Normally, i'm not really swayed by sample freebies but i had a look at them and there were a few things i've been wanting to try out - the Dark Spot corrector, ultra facial cream and the line reducing concentrate, not the mention there was another travel sized cleanser and toner from the oil-free range, so i was sold.
I ended up picking up an eye cream because this was also something that i needed. I've heard good things about this eye cream and this range in general. And because it was VIP night, there was an additional 10% off everything.
A bit of an impulse purchase were these sunnies from Sportsgirl. When Tom Ford released the Cat eye sunglasses a couple of years ago, i was in love. I love how this looks on the face, it looks quite elegant and will be sunnies i can wear all year round. The mint pair is so retro and fun for summer. Mish bought the pink version so we're going to look so adorable together :3 These ended up about $30/each, which i think is reasonable.

I also bought these machine gun tattoo tights a month ago and i wore them for the first time at work on VIP night. We had a camo theme and i didn't own anything camo print. Luckily a friend did Cadets during high school so i borrowed his shirt and just wore it as an oversized shirt. Too bad we didn't get to take a staff photo, everyone looked so awesome and we all sported war paint on our faces haha!

Can you believe it's already december in a few days? Where has this year gone, and to think i've been blogging since May! Next month will be a busy one i think, i want to try and do more OOTDs but expect lots of reviews coming your way too c: