History Of Britain | Great Britain

History of Britain

Before telling the history of Britain, it is important to know what Britain is. Great Britain is the name of an island in northwestern France and eastern Ireland. It is a part of the European continent which is situated on the north-west coast of the European continent. Great Britain is the ninth largest island in the world. Its area is 209,331 square kilometers. Scotland, Wales and England are a part of this island. To some extent these three are autonomous regions. England is located in the south-eastern part of Great Britain. Wales lies to the south-west and Scotland to the north.
History of Britain

#In 1282 AD, England conquered Wales and in 1707, Scotland was duly annexed to England. The combined part of this island is called the United Kingdom. So it has to be said that the United Kingdom is the name of a country, the island of Great Britain and England, Wales and Scotland are part of that island. Some people say England or Britain to address the whole country but this is not correct.#
The United Kingdom mainly consists of four administrative regions: Scotland, Wales, England and Ireland. The official name of this country is 'United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland'. That is, it includes all the islands of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and its capital is London. One-sixth of the north of the island of Ireland, known as Northern Ireland, is an administrative region of the United Kingdom. The rest of the island of Ireland is an independent country called the Republic of Ireland. The bulk of the United Kingdom is the island of Great Britain.
#The Kingdom of Great Britain and the Kingdom of Ireland were unified in 1801, when the United Kingdom was announced. Then the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland was formed. Southern Ireland became independent in the 1920s. After this the name of this modern country of United Kingdom was 'United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland'. Currently the Head of State in this country is Queen Elizabeth II.