How To View / Check SEE Result 2076?

SEE result publishes generally around June mid. Exam controller office is planning to publish SEE result for this year. Full form of SEE is secondary education Examination. The Grade system had been there since the name change from SLC. So from now on-wards, all of the SEE appearing students will pass but differ on the grade either A, B, C or D. The process for viewing SEE results 2075  include IVR, SMS, Websites.
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As it is no more an iron gate and no pass-fail status, it is also called Secondary Education Examination (S.E.E). But Its results and grades are significant to select the different streams like Science, Management, Humanities. Some colleges, +2 institutions will also make some requirement of the grading of students for their entrance. Previously some years back, it was published only in Gorakhapatra newspaper. Then came the era of SMS, IVR and even website from which on-wards, the SEE result stated publishing in each and every means from Website to SMS to IVR.

Methods for viewing SEE results
Here are some of the methods to view the SEE results.

By dialing 1600 from any Nepal Telecom numbers, the SEE result can listen through IVR system.
By sending an SMS in the format space to 1600 from any NT mobile numbers. Previously it was SLC and space symbol number. Now it is changed to SEE space Symbol no.
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By dialing *1600*symbolno# from NT GSM numbers. (remember not to put alphabet here).
From websites:,,,
Sparrow SMS: space to 35001

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There are a multitude of SMS service and web portals for the SLC/ SEE results, but we have included the most popular and the most trusted ones. Read here for all other methods to view SEE results. It is quite likely that the mushrooming of these sort of services will grow even more due to the easiness in uploading and people’s readiness to check the result from the fast internet. This year people compared the Grading system with the percentage system and were quite confused.

How to understand SEE Grade Sheet:
Here is a table below for how to understand the grading system of SEE / SLC result in Nepal.
SN Interval in Percent Grade Description Grade Point
1 90 to 100 A+ Outstanding 4.0
2 80 to below 90 A Excellent 3.6
3 70 to below 80 B+ Very Good 3.2
4 60 to below 70 B Good 2.8
5 50 to below 60 C+ Satisfactory 2.4
6 40 to below 50 C Acceptable 2.0
7 30 to below 40 D+ Partially Acceptable 1.6
8 20 to below 30 D Insufficient 1.2
9 0 to below 20 E Very Insufficient 0.8
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