Largest Solar Power Plant

Learn where the world's largest solar power plant is located

At present, the whole world is facing the threat of global warming. Therefore, all the scientists of the entire world are promoting the use of non-conventional sources of energy, due to which new solar plants are being set up to create solar energy in different countries of the world.Solar energy is used in many ways, but changing the energy of the sun into electrical energy is primarily known as solar energy. The energy of the sun can be converted into electrical energy from two types - with the help of the first light-electric cell and the other by heating the liquid with the sun's heat, it generates the generator. In this article, we are giving details of the world's largest solar power plant, recently launched.

The world's largest solar power plant

You will be proud to know that India has achieved another feat by stepping in the direction of renewable energy from fossil fuels. In this sequence, in September 2016, the world's largest "solar power plant" was inaugurated at Kamuthi, Tamilnadu's Ramanathapuram district.largest solar power plantlargest solar power plant

Manufacturer company of solar power plant

This solar power plant has been built by Adani Green Energy, a group of Adani Group.

Capacity and cost of solar plant

The capacity of this solar plant is 648 MW and its investment has been invested in 4,550 crore rupees.

Framework and construction work of solar plant

This solar power plant is spread over 10 sq km area and it has been constructed in just eight months. This plant has been set up on 3.8 lakh different foundations. This solar power plant has 25 lakh solar panels, 576 inverters and 154 transformers. Apart from this, a 6000 km cable has been laid for the construction of this plant. This solar power plant is cleaned daily by robotic system.

Solar power plant with highest production capacity

This solar power plant is the world's largest plant located in one place. Earlier, the world's largest plant located in one place was "Topaz Solar Farm" located in California, with a production capacity of 550 MW.

Big step for India

This solar power plant is capable of generating electricity for 150,000 homes. With the establishment of this solar power plant, India's total solar power capacity has exceeded 10 gigawatts. Thus India will be the world's third largest solar power market after China and the US by the end of 2017. Although we are still behind the target by the government, the solar energy production target for the country.By 2020, by the Indian government, 60 million households have been targeted to provide electricity through solar energy. In fact it is a part of the target set by the government to produce 40% of its electricity through non-fossil fuels by 2030. The basic purpose of this project is to reduce the air pollution in the country as well as to provide electricity to the millions of people.