Meatballs Soup

This soup was a traditional in our house when i was growing up.
Now i cook it for my family. 

3 quarts water
1 lb ground chicken or any meat
2 eggs
6 med potatoes
1 med onion
2 carrots
Salt, Pepper, Bay leaf, Parsley, Dill.

Cut into cubes onion. Shred carrots and put in the oiled skillet. Cook until golden brown.

Boil water.Add bay leaf and salt. Put meat and eggs in the bowl add salt, pepper. Make medium size balls. Roll in the flour. Put in the boiling water.  Boil for 1 min. 

  Cut potatoes in small pieces.
Add  potatoes and onion with carrots boil about 7-10 min.
Add greens.
Enjoy with 1/2 tsp of mayo  in your plate.