Morphe Brushes 35E Palette And 35P Palette (Swatch + Review)

If you missed the first part of my Morphe Brushes haul on the Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette and 35O Palette, you can catch up here. Today's post is about the other 2 palettes and brushes that I bought from the Morphe Store in LA. Read on to see swatches and hear my thoughts :)

35E Palette Swatches In Natural Light 35E Palette Swatches Under FlashOh my goodness, The 35E has to be the most underrated Morphe Brushes palette ever. I don't think I've ever come across any photos or reviews of it. At a glance, this doesn't look like much. The only reason it caught my attention was because it was on sale for only $12.99. Before my trip to the States, I realised that the majority of the eyeshadows I owned were neutrals so I really wanted to invest in more colourful eyeshadows. I remember swatching a few shades, thinking that the colour payoff was nice and that I liked that it had every colour in the rainbow. It also had lots of vibrant shades I didn't already own like the baby blue, the hot pinks, the light green and yellow. I didn't really think much of it until I came home, swatched the entire palette and was completely blown away .The 35E palette consists entirely of shimmery and frosty eyeshadows ranging from pastels, brights, neutrals and darker shades. I really like metallic eyeshadows and Morphe does them so well. Every colour in this palette was so velvety soft and packed with a punch of insane pigmentation. The only colour missing is a navy and a true gold.There are no mattes in this palette which is fine by me because I own enough mattes. However to wear any of these colours, I do have to use a matte transition colour from outside the palette. The quality of 35E is just phenomenal, I had to include 2 sets of swatches (under natural light and flash) so you could see how stunning it is. This is my favourite palette that I picked up and I can't believe I got it for so cheap either. By far my most disappointing purchase. I don't know why I bought this, I think it's because I love purple eyeshadows but in hindsight, I already have a lot of purple eyeshadows that I really like.
As I was swatching this, I got more and more mad. First of all, the formula of the eyeshadows in this palette is the worst that I've encountered across all 4 palettes. It really annoyed me that heaps of the shades are too similar. There were too many browns and half the purples I just wouldn't wear.
I really regret purchasing this, I think the 35T would have been a much better choice as it is on the same wave length as the Naked 3 palette and I absolutely LOVE that palette. This, I am getting rid of.
Lastly, brushes- Ignore the MAC brush on the far left, I didn't get a photo of all the Morphe brushes by themselves and now they're dirty so I don't want to photograph them. Going from left to right as pictured:
♡ M310 - Large Soft Fan Brush, Goat Bristles ($4.99) and M510 - Pro Round Blender, Goat Bristles ($7.99)
I've been really enjoying both of these brushes for highlight, they make it so easy to get a precise application on my cheekbones, tip of my nose and my cupid's bow. I didn't have any brushes that were at all similar so I was happy to add these to my collection.
♡ E3 - Precision Pointed Powder, Synthetic ($16.99)
My favourite Morphe brush that I bought! The shape of it reminds me of the RT blush brush but this is smaller, pointier and more tapered. It is so soft as well, I've been loving it for contour.
♡ G17 - Round Blender, Synthetic ($7.99)
This is very similar in shape to my MAC 224 but a little shorter and wider, too big for precise crease application but a good one for just blending out the transition area.
♡ E13 - Oval Shadow Fluff, Synthetic ($7.99)
This is the same shape as the MAC 217 but it is denser, slightly wider and longer. This is versatile multi-tasking brush. I like to use it for colour packing, blending and crease work.
♡ E14 - Oval Shadow, Synthetic ($6.99)
I bought this for shadow packing and it's been doing a wonderful job of that.
♡ E22 - Pointed Blender, Synthetic ($6.99)
I've been loving this to blend out transition shades on the crease or add a darker colour in the outer v of the eyelid. It's the perfect size for a precise application and blending at the same time.
♡ E30 - Blending Fluff, Synthetic ($6.99)
This is a bigger version of the E13. This is wayy too big for my eyes, I don't know what I was thinking. I'll have to find another use for it.

The last 4 eye brushes are all from the Elite Collection. They work fine with powder eyeshadows but I find that they are amazing when used with creamier eyeshadow formulas such as Colourpop, eyeshadow sticks and cream eyeshadows.
I've already given these brushes a couple of washes in the last month and they do a great job of holding their shape. I didn't have any problems with it fraying or shedding.

That's everything that I bought from Morphe Brushes and my thoughts on them. I will be keeping the 35O and 35E palettes but I am going to pass on the JH palette and 35P palettes. All the brushes I'm very happy with, they are the first brushes I've bought in a really long time. I think at the end of the day, Morphe Brushes is a crazy affordable brand so I probably shouldn't be this harsh. You get what you pay for and some more. I hope that this was helpful and enjoyable to read.