Morphe Brushes Jacyln Hill Favorites Palette And 35O Palette (Swatch + Review)

Hey everyone! Today I am sharing with you 2 of the palettes that I bought when I had the chance to visit the Morphe Brushes store in Burbank, LA. 
Before I get into the review and swatches, here are my overall thoughts across all 4 palettes that I purchased:
♡ They are definitely great value for the price if you divide it by each pan in the palettes (50c - $1 for each shadow). I think they are great for people just starting out and might want to experiment with a range of colours.♡ The packaging is quite crappy, I appreciate the snap closure but it does feel really thin and flimsy. I guess that is a factor that keeps the brand so inexpensive though. Probably not something you'd ever want to travel with. ♡ There is a smell to the eyeshadows that is really off-putting - an industrial, cheap, powdery smell? It's not super obvious but when I do get a whiff of it, I'm like uh uh.♡ The matte eyeshadows were hit and miss. Even when they were good, they were not amazing. I had trouble with a lot of the mattes in a couple of these palettes. They felt stiff and went on patchy.♡ The metallic eyeshadows however, are incredible in colour payoff and texture, almost like cream shadows to the touch. By far my favourite thing about these palettes.♡ I had some issues with the rich purples and burgundies staining my fingers and arm pink when I was swatching them and removing the swatches. I've never had a eyeshadow do that to me before so I'm wondering if that's because the eyeshadows are that cheap... probably not a good thing.♡ I had no problems with fallout or longevity with any of the shadows. They lasted all day for me creasing or fading. I always wear an eye primer anyway.
Read on to see my swatches and reviews :)
I was SO excited to see this palette in store because I thought it was long sold out so I didn't even hesitate to pick this one up. That being said, I was a little disappointed in this palette. A lot of the mattes were very stiff in texture. I had problems of pigmentation with all the mattes except for the the matte brown in the first row (actually one of the creamiest mattes I've come across in these palettes), the 3 matte browns in the 3rd row and the magenta in the last row. The matte orange shade in the first row was just rubbish, along with all the mattes in the second row and the burgundy in the last row.The rest of the palette is beautiful. I love the jewel tones, all the colours in the first column are so pretty, the first 4 shades in the first row as well. The metallic/satin eyeshadows are all bomb. This was the palette that turned my attention to the brand in the first place. I know this keeps selling out and restocking on the Morphe website, I'm kind of glad I had the oppotunity to just buy it physically because I don't think I would ever be bothered keeping up with it ^^'Generally, the 35O palette was one of the more impressive palettes in my haul. The matte shades were much better quality, I only had problems with 2-3 of them. The shimmery eyeshadows are so buttery and pigmented, there are 3 eyeshadows that are so metallic they're practically foiled.I love all the orange and red-toned shades in the last 2 columns. I wish there weren't as many matte dark browns because they're all very similar, especially in the last 2 rows. The only other colour I would have liked to see is a pale gold (for inner corner highlight) or a true gold and maybe a light peach as well (for a transition shade).
I do think that both palettes are different but I certainly didn't need both of them. The best part of the JH palette has to be the vibrant colours however I much prefer the 35O palette for the quality and colour selection of the warm neutral shadows. I have my new Urban Decay VICE 4 palette for my pops of colour anyway and there are a few similar shades in there. My mum really loves the JH palette though so I'm going to give it to her. 
Have you tried any of the Morphe Brushes palettes? What are your thoughts?