Pinoy Making A Mockery Of Singaporeans?

By now, you would have learned about the MP who was caught texting on her mobile phone while the National Anthem was playing during NDP 2011.

Ms Penny Low, MP for Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC has since apologized on her Facebook.

Looking through the various NDP photos posted on her Facebook, I believe she was just trying to upload 'live' updates of the parade to her fellow residents via the social media tool and does not really mean to show any disrespect.

At least, that is what I chose to believe.

However, that is no excuse to not pay full attention during such a solem moment. We have all been in school long enough to know the proper posture to display.

Her apology, though, irked and drew flake from many who questioned her sincerity; probably due to the second last sentence.

NDP IS A TIME TO UNITE NOT DIVIDE.Since she was the one seeking forgiveness, I guess she should have refrained from adding that line as it sounded defensive even if she may not have meant it that way.

Now, my main focus of this entry is this.

Someone, a Pinoy, jumped to Ms Low's defence.

I will leave you to read what she has written.

As a Singaporean, I felt aggrieved by what she said about us servicemen. 
What does she know about NS? Did she go through it? Does she know what we did so she and her kind could sleep soundly at night; and that there are mothers who even lost their only precious son during military training?
Who gave her the frigging right to humiliate our integrity?

And she fanned the fire further by adding that Singaporeans are incompetent for losing their jobs to foreigners!
Talk about biting the hand that feeds! How could anyone be such an ingrate to the host country who provided her with a job and shelter?
However, I am afraid this Pinay has been barking up the wrong tree. Did she think standing up for the shamed MP would bring her greater benefits?
What exactly is she after?
Citizenship? Housing? A better job? Or fetching her entire clan over?
Whatever the case may be, she could have already commited an offence under the Seditious Act.
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The link to the Sedition Act
Also, the incredible guys at HWZ has uncovered her workplace at the National Heart Center and her employers have now stepped in to investigate this matter. 
I hope Ms Blabbermouth here have learnt her lesson now. Do not think you can hide behind the annonymity of the computer and that nobody could do anything to you. 
Think thrice before you shoot your mouth off the next time!
She is not the first foreigner to make it to the headlines though:
We have a woman who threatens to set herself on fire outside the Istana, a mother who used criminal force on a MRT officer, and a student who hurls racist insults at Singaporeans... 
The Government should seriously scrutinize every single foreigner that they let in! 
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