Pretty Ways To Serve Tomatoes

Tired of same-old sliced tomatoes? Check out Pretty Ways to Serve Summer's Best Tomatoes @, a collection of photos with recipes from talented food bloggers.graphic button small size size 10 Hello, Tomato Lovers! Here's just what you've been looking for, a collection of tips and photos, all the prettiest ways to serve sweet, juicy summer tomatoes. graphic button small size size 10
Who else is as excited as all get-out that it is tomato season?! We seasonal eaters, we wait all year long for this moment.

A whole two tomato seasons ago now, I got this idea to collect pretty ways to serve the summer's best tomatoes. No cooking, no grilling, no roasting, just good tomatoes straight from the garden served in beautiful but simple ways.

You'll see what inspired that idea, it's in the first photo below, a beautiful platter of tomato slices sprinkled with dainty white garlic chive flowers with a tiny tomato bouquet of flowers in the center. Yeah, I know, sooo simple and yet so pretty.

I found so-so many ideas but pared them down to just fourteen, all from talented tomato-lovin' food bloggers. And as I studied the photos, trying really hard not to drool tomato juice, I realized that serving tomatoes in pretty ways, well, the ideas hold much in common.
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