Random Updates

Hey peeps.

It has been such a a fulfilling week, thus far. I hope it was for you too. :)

The ready stock of the newly launched Ponchogas have all been snapped up.
Gonna take a break during the weekend and we will start taking pre- orders for the ponchogas okay come Monday ya.
There are new colours too.
Dark purple (really pretty) and Black (can't go wrong)

Yesterday thanks to the Alchemy pads entry, my inbox was bursting with orders and queries. Other than my big brother, we really have to thank Elisabeth for creating this awareness. If it weren't for her, I would just continue to suffer in silence with the itch...discharge...menstrual odour...
Because I too believe so much in these Alchemy sanitary products, I will be working closely with Elisabeth with regards to placing orders and delievering the pretty boxes to you ladies. Some of you also have requested that Elisabeth conduct home talks for yourselves, moms and sisters. I have already passed your contact details to Elisabeth and she'll be more than happy to share. Please feel free to email me at [email protected] for anything related to The Alchemy Sanitary stuff ya babes. I will be most willing to help one.

And then the upcoming Primary 1 Seminar.
Again, changes will be made.
The team mentioned that seminar sounds so serious which in turn will turn out...Y.A.W.N...boring.
Fret not, the 'seminar' is really going to be an interesting sharing session with plenty of Qs &As.

I have mommas who emailed. They wanna make sure their husbands come along.
In fact us speakers' hubbies will also be present on that day.
"Will there be an extra charge?"
We have discussed and the purpose of this fun sharing session is really to get as many parents involved in their children's academic pursuits as possible.

So we are pleased to inform you that your spouse comes along for free.
Mommy + Daddy + Child :$60.

Also, your tummies will be smiling on that day thanks to

Your darling children will also be kept busy in another room thanks to

Do add them over at Facebook k.

Also do look out for the next entry.
Another guest blogger in da house yo.
First was Oniatta, remember? Schwwweeet stuff.
This 2nd guest blogger of mine is a very intelligent and witty person and I absolutely love her to bits.
Give me about 1 hour kay! :)