Rhubarb Cake With Strawberry Sauce

Are you looking to make Best Rhubarb Cake Recipe? You found it!!! This delicious and moist cake is studded with fresh rhubarb and served with a strawberry sauce. I mixed my favorite ingredients together and this cake was created.

Ingredients:4 eggs1.5 cups sugar1 cup sour cream1 cup ricotta (tvorog)1 can condensed sweetened milk1 tsp baking soda pour vinegar on top1 teaspoon vanilla2.5 cups flour3-4 sticks rhubarb
Makes 2 cakes 9 inch
For strawberry sauce; mix Strawberries with sugar to your taste in the blender.
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Peel skin from rhubarb. Slice it in small pieces.                  

Sprinkle rhubarb with 4-5 tbsp sugar. Let it sit until you make the batter.                                                                                          (Pour out liquid when adding to the batter)                               
Mix eggs with sugar for 5-7 min.
Add condensed milk, sour cream, ricotta, baking soda with vinegar. Mix well.
Add sifted flour. Mix on slower speed. Add rhubarb with out liquid.
Bake on 325F for 1 hour. Pour strawberry sauce on. I added some cream decorations.