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What is a Search Engine and how does Search Engine work?

Search Engine - Internet is the ocean of information, and information is added every day. You can search the information from the Internet at any topic Topic. But how do we search the information we want from this extremely informative information available on the WWW? How do we find our minded information from the internet? What is the way to find information on internet? There is a little problem here. Because millions of information related to a topic is available on the Internet.Search EngineSearch Engine
When there is a problem, its solution is also available. And your problem is solved by Search Engine Do you know what a search engine is? How Does Search Engine Work? How many types of Search Engine are there? What is the world's major search engines?
If you want to know the answers to the questions asked above, then read this lesson below. Because in this Lesson we will give you complete information about Search Engine. What is a Search Engine in this Lesson? Find out the definition of search engine, the type of search engine, the type of search engine, the names of some major search engines, the use of search engine, etc.

What is Search Engine?

Search Engine is a special software program. The search engine searches the information required by the user with an unlimited spat of information available on the Internet. Search Engine does its search with a specific keyword or phrase, and displays results related to these Keyword or Phrase in the listings, which are called Search Engine Result Page (SERPs).
Search Engine Result Page finds different types of information related to queries being searched by users. It includes Text Documents, Media Files (Images, Videos, Audio, Animations), etc. Based on the information searched by a Search Engine user, it shows the best information first. After this the sequence continues continuously. You search millions of Crores Result for Search Query.

How Does Search Engine Works?

The system of search engine is very complex. It is not easy to understand the way a search engine works for a normal user. But, still we are telling the information that is necessary for you.
There are two ways to search for a query in all Search Engines. Whenever you want to find an information from the Internet. So you have these two options. Through them you can search the information you like on the internet.

1. Keyword Search

Through Keyword Search, we enter the special keyword (Keyword) word group (Key Phrase) that appears in the Search Engine which we want to search in the Search Engine. Search Engine crawls its database related to that specific word / word group. And displays a list of Hits / Sites that match the particular word / word group. Each Hit / Site contains a hyperlink of related WebPage or other documents (eg, photos, videos etc.) with a brief explanation.
Search Engine displays millions of Hits / Sites related to a query. In the Search Engine, the Hits / Sites obtained from Query displays a list of groups of approximately 10 Hits / Sites according to the Search Engine sequence. The particular word / word group that is searched in the Hits / Sites is most likely to be displayed first. Google and Bing Search Engine are most commonly used for Keyword Search.

2. Directory Search

Almost every Search Engine Directory Search option is available. Through the Directory Search, the content available in the Directory of Search Engine - sports, sports, education, science, entertainment, etc., is selected. Then select the sub-subject of that subject (Subjects). And so this quest continues till we come to the list of websites related to the topic we want. The most popular search engine for Directory Search is Yahoo! Search Engine is

Some Major Search Engines Or  Best Search Engines

1. Google Search Engine

Google Search Engine is the most commonly used Web Search. Google was launched in 1997. Google's Founder has two college friends Mr. Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

2. Bing Search Engine

Bing is the second popular search engine. Bing has been created by Microsoft. Bing Search Engine was launched in 2009.

3. Yahoo! Search

Yahoo! Search Engine is the world's third popular search engine. Yahoo! Search was launched in 1995. This is a very old search engine.

4. is a Question-Answer Website. Here users find answers to their questions. is a Search Engine almost 20 years old. Its special point is that searches answers to questions. And you can find your answers here by category.

5. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo was launched in 2008. DuckDuckGo does not track the activities of its users. Therefore the results of the DuckDuckGo Search Engine are the same for all users. It does not show Personalized Result.

6. Dogpile

Dogpile is a Meta Search Engine. It shows its results by taking notice from other search engines such as Google, Yahoo !, Bing, etc. This search engine is old enough. Dogpile was launched in 1995.

What have you learned?

In this Lesson we have told you about Search Engine. Did you know what a search engine is? Types of search engines, how does search engine work? Apart from this you also know about major search engines. We hope this lesson will prove useful to you.