Spanish Civil War Republican T-26

This is one of two Die Waffenkammer models I recently received for participating in Weekend General's excellent "World at War" Bolt Action tournament - a T-26 mod 1935 painted in the style of a Republican tank from the Spanish Civil War. It's a nice model overall though the running gear is a little rough.

The model is basecoated in Testors Russian Armor Green with highlights done in 50% Russian Armor Green/50% Testors Acryl Lightgrun, with heavy drybrushing to give it a worn look. Bare metal is Pavement, highlighted with GW Boltgun Metal and washed with P3 Armor Wash. Wood parts are basecoated Melted Chocolate with grain lines done in Reaper Amber Gold and washed with Secret Weapon Brown Wash. Muffler is basecoated Chocolate Brown with heavy washes of Testors Acryl Rust. Headlight is Reaper Candlestick Yellow.

No decals here, all numbering and insiginia is done by brushwork. Weathering is done in oils with dry pigment "dust".