Strawberry Meringues With Vanilla Bean Cream

Strawberries, vanilla bean cream and meringues . Yes...I am serious; can you imagine this sweet little thing on your dessert plate?  I can:)    This elegant dessert is delicious!

2 cups Whipping cream
2 tbs powder sugar
3 tbs sweet condensed milk
2 tsp vanilla bean paste
1 lbs strawberries
15-20 pieces of Zefir
2/3 package meringues  
Handful toasted sliced almonds

Whip whipping cream  for few min add powder sugar whip more until nice an thick add condensed milk and vanilla, mix.
Cut strawberries into squares add to cream. 
Cut meringues add to cream.  
Cut zefir add to cream.
Mix everything with the spatula. 
 Add nuts, mix.