Travel Visuals: LA

Los Angeles was the first leg of my US trip and it's funny, I didn't think I liked it very much at the time that I was there but coming back to LA at the end of my trip to fly home and looking at these photos now, I have a newfound appreciation for Cali and all its palm trees.

LA was strange. It was all so flat and spread out, a car city. We tried to take public transport but after 1 day, we realised we had to Uber everywhere because their system is so badly organised. Parts of the city were so touristy and flashy but other parts were really grimy and felt unsafe.It was so warm in LA the week that we were there which was a struggle as we packed mostly winter clothes. On Halloween during the day, we went for a dip at Venice Beach, it was 33ºC (91ºF) which was warmer than Melbourne at the time. This was also the day we bought icy poles and some guy in the store made fun of me, "you mean popsicles?"For Halloween, Bella and I participated in the celebrations in West Hollywood. I went as a Chinese princess (hilarious and fitting, my costume was super cheap from China too) and Bella went as a vampire. The experience was absolutely mental and unparalleled. Americans love their Halloween. There was one main road that was closed off and everyone paraded up and down in their costumes. All the bars on the sides were full and there were strippers dancing on tabletops. I wish I saved more of the photos I snapchatted coz there were some amazing costumes.My favorite activities that we did had to be the hikes up to the Griffith Observatory and Runyon Canyon. Apparently heaps of celebrities and youtubers exercise there but we didn't spot anyone.We loved the Grove and Grand Central Market. Downtown LA probably worth skipping. The Fashion and Jewelry District was not what we expected at all and we ended up in a really dodgy part of the town and had to be ubered out.Santa Monica and Abbot Kinney Road was beautiful and fun to look around at, good food and snacks. In-N-Out verdict: Burger was yum but the fries were rubbish! Tasted like cardboard. My favorite meal in LA was probably the Poke Bowl in Pasadena, which is basically a deconstructed sushi bowl. So delicious and left me wanting more!!
Next travel post will be Merced / Yosemite!